10 Feb 14

Nordic Walking Newsletter - Welcome to 2014

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Welcome to 2014

Remembering Why You Started

February has arrived. Only one more month of Summer left!  Summer is an optimal time to get started on improving your health and fitness.  Longer daylight hours and warmer weather naturally entice us to be more active. We tend to eat lighter meals and the warmer weather increases our metabolic rate. This all helps burn extra calories.

However, you may have started a fitness regime, then stopped, got bored or are just mooching along doing a couple of sessions a week.  You may have dropped one type of fitness activity and started another, only to drop out of that one.  This newsletter touches on a few of the reasons why we do this and offers a worksheet to help focus on remembering why you started!

There are a number of new Nordic Walking initiatives, starting in 2014.  You will get a sneek peek of some of these, also in this newsletter.

Wishing you all the best for 2014!


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Resolutions Reinvent Yourself!

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Many people start the new year with resolutions to make positive changes to their health. Unfortunately, 88% of people fail to act consistently enough to make these resolutions a reality.  From what I have seen and experienced, if you perserve with a change in your behaviour for 12 months you will be just starting to see results!  Oh, bother ... why so long? Why do we stop? Why can't we start?  Read some insightful thoughts here...  


Planning Your Actions Start with the End in Mind

smart-goals_optYou decide on the destination of a journey before you plan how to get there. The same goes for your health and fitness destination. Decide what you want to achieve then make the plan. There is tremendous power in writing the goals and plan down. Split the year into monthly or 2 monthly sections, so you don't put things off. Examples include participating in a walking event every 2 months. This focuses your training and ensures fitness is not left to providence!  Set realistic goals, so you don't become discouraged.  For a planning schedule, click here.


Total Body Walking Key Benefits of Nordic Walking

Nordic Legs.optWhether it is to improve your cardiovascular fitness, burn more calories, improve posture, recover from joint replacement surgery or breast cancer, release neck and shoulder tension or help with Parkinson's symptoms, Nordic Walking has proved to be a beneficial form of exercise. Many Nordic Walkers compete in events such as marathons, half marathons and other long distance walks, which they would not have contemplated, if they had not taken up Nordic Walking. Numerous scientific studies support the benefits of Nordic Walking. Read more here 

Coming in 2014 Details for Free Trials & Courses here ...

Sneek Peeks

    Health & Fitness Seminars Personal Training - Stretch & StrengthNordic Walking Sign.opt Feature Walks World Nordic Walking Day Refresher Classes Men's focus Schools Nordic Walking Pilot Retreat Weekend Training Squads Overseas Nordic Walking Visit www.nordicwalking.net.nz for updates

Goals Achieved! 

"Nordic Kiwis" Raise over $10,000

Walking Stars opt photosCongratulations to the "Nordic Kiwis" team who successfully completed the inaugural "Walking Stars" half marathon and raised over $10,000 for Cancer research.

Team members from L-R:

Jane Bollard, Alan McCullough, Alison Cameron, Fiona Brown, Georgia Jensen-Proctor, Rachel Murray, Neil Hutchison, Peter Sommerhalder, Paul Stevenson, Helen Hugglestone, Sandrine Smith, Neil Allwood, Mavis Takimoana, Helen Emson, June Stevenson, Christina Chan, Jill Cowan, Jenny McKenzie, Elaine Harvey.



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