Nordic Walking Poles

NWTrainerRedNordic Walking is fun and easy and learning the correct technique helps to deliver the substantial benefits that Nordic Walking provides over normal walking

Carbon composites make for lighter and stiffer poles, plus these materials also offer good shock absorbing properties which help protect your elbows, wrists and shoulders. This is particularly important for walking on hard surfaces like pavement and for all high intensity training. The poles low weight gives them better swing movement than heavier telescopic models.

Telescoping or fixed length?

It is best to have fixed length poles. Because they are typically lighter they provide the best functionality through better swing weight and the most security (won't collapse). Adjustable poles are an alternative where space is at a premium however you will lose some functionality. Adjustable poles are not recommended for people with an infirm grip or balance problems. The possibility always exists that adjustable poles if not tightened correctly can collapse and cause you to fall.

Five elements that define a great Nordic Walking pole.

1.  Grip

The Pro Grip is ergonomically designed so the wrist is in a correctly angled and pronated posistion. This will allow your hands to stay closer to the body for maximum efficiency and comfort.

2.  Comfortable, adjustable and supportive wrist strap

Allows smooth transfer of power through the strap at release without causing any stress in the hands and forearms

3.  Durable and lightweight carbon composite shafts

Durable, Lightweight single piece carbon composite shaft.

4.  Removable rubber Control Asphalt Paw (tip)

For use on pavement and hard surfaces

5.  Angled carbide spike tip

For correct attack angle on grass, tracks and other natural surfaces

A lifetime guarantee against breakage on the shaft of EXEL Nordic Walker Trainer pole shafts.


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