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Nordic Walking NZ - Orewa Beach


The purposeful strides of lycra-clad Nordic walkers, poles extended, attracts attention among the relaxed strollers on Orewa Beach and

leaves no one in any doubt that this is a fitness boosting activity.

Nordic walking coach June Stevenson describes it as a complete workout that engages 90 percent of the muscles as well as improving posture and range of motion.

It’s the perfect antidote to a sedentary lifestyle – she says prolonged sitting is an increasing health concern.
June’s background in the health and fitness sector was one reason she was quick to catch onto the potential benefits of Nordic walking when she first tried it in 2004. Since then she has been instrumental in promoting the activity in NZ, building a network of qualified instructors, holding workshops and setting up around 10 self-supporting Nordic walking groups.

She recently held a free trial and workshops on Orewa Beach and says the interest was such that she will hold a further free trial and workshop this month.

The next free trial is on August 11 (see details below) and the Beginner’s Workshop takes place on August 18, at Orewa Beach, 2pm–4pm (meet in carpark by Orewa Surf Club). Poles are provided.

“A lot of older people are attracted to Nordic walking, and it’s also good for rehabilitation and for those with movement limitations. However, it’s important to realise the poles are a tool, not a crutch – using them engages the whole body in walking, and allows the chest and diaphragm to expand. It’s a bit like using ‘four feet’.”

She says the most important factors in keeping people engaged in any activity is making it social and local and to that end she hopes that a group will establish on the Coast following her workshops. Info:

Free Nordic Walking trial • Orewa Beach (meet in carpark by Surf Club) August 11, 2pm–3pm

Image: June Stevenson says Nordic walking is becoming mainstream.

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