STIRLING SPORT - NZ Half Marathon and 11km Run & Walk 
(formerly Cathay Pacific)

The Stirling Sports Half Marathon and 11km Run & Walk is  organised by the Calliope Athletic and Harrier Club Inc


Mavis, Jenny And Kara Sterling Sport Event 2013II

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the Stirling Sports event. All participants did well with many people improving their finishing times.

Jenny was one of our Nordic Walkers who took part in the Training Squad Classes and was very pleased with her performance:

Hi June,

I have just got home and checked ... I did it (half marathon) 10 minutes faster than last year - Thank you. I really enjoyed the training and as you can see from my time improvement it certainly benefited me. Even if I d done a slower time, I would still do the training again, because, after all, it s how you are on the day. But of course you had prepared us well to be ok on the day. Within a shortened built-up time, you put together a really interesting and enjoyable training schedule which certainly helped us develop stamina and improve our speed. Also you gave us valuable pointers on our technique. It was great going to different parts of Auckland and meeting new people to train with and the supportive bond that everyone had for each other. So thank you and Paul for all your help and support - it was great.

Kind regards,

Jenny McKenzie

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