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Waiheke Walking Festival 2012
Athens Night   Medals Opt (2)
Athens Night Medals
City2Surf Dwyane,June,Juliana
Coffee Break   Poles At Bill Fish Cafe
Feature Walk July 2012
Graham & Paul   Rotorua 21 Km
Harbour Bridge 2012
INWA Board   London Meeting 2011
Kangeroo Kiwis   City2Surf
Karioitahi Beach August 2012
Karioitahi Beach Walk Winter 2012
Kathy & Jenny   Rotorua 21 Km
London   NW Group Opt
Long Bay WNWD 2012
Marathon Finishers Opt (1)
Marathon Start Opt
Mavis, Jenny And Kara Stirling Sport Event 2013
Nordic Walking At Waiheke 2011
Nordic Walking At Waiheke Walking Festival 2012
Nordic Walking Bush And Beach Waiheke 2011
Nordic Walking In Hyde Park, London Opt
NW Expo 2010
Panatheniac Stadium Opt
Panatheniac Stadium Opt (2)
Panatheniac Stadium 2
Paul At Rotorua 2010 Opt
Paul's Chinese Bodyguard Opt
PHOTO   Lost Children Opt (2)


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