Nordic Walking - New Zealand

Congratulations, you've made to this page so you're well on your way to learning about this unique fun way to exercise and improve your health.

BEFORE you get excited about the prospect of starting your Nordic Walking DON'T rush out and buy Nordic Walking poles, learn the technique at of our classes first before commiting. 

Nordic Walking has been designed to use as much muscle as possible, it's a very effective way to exercise without the extra stress on your muscle and joints.  Using specially designed lightweight poles we can teach you how to use the Nordic Walking technique to improve your posture, your balance and your co-ordination.  There are heaps of benefits but you do need instruction to undertand how to use the poles to your advantage.

Talk to June Stevenson INWA® Certified National Trainer, Master Instructor, Exercise as Medicine Trainer, Wellness Coach and REPs Personal Trainer.

 0274 383 923 

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