Nordic Walking - The Benefits

Nordic Walking or walking with poles, the benefits are clear within the first few minutes of trying and the Cooper Institute in Texas has issued the following findings following comprehensive tests into the activity.

1. Burn more calories in less time

  • Consumes approximately 400 calories per hour (compared with 280 calories per hour for normal walking) Energy consumption increases when using poles by an average of 20% compared with ordinary walking at the same speed without poles Heart rate is 5-17 beats per minute higher. Up to a 46% increase in energy consumption when fully utilising the correct technique (Cooper Institute research, Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sports 2002 publication).
The complete Cooper Institute study can be found at this reference: Timothy S. Church et. al. Field testing of Physiological Responses Associated with Nordic Walking. Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, vol. 73, No. 3., pp 296-300

Want to Grow Your Brain?  Then Walk!

Healthy people who walk at least 9.7km (6 miles) per week have bigger brains, better memories and improved mental function compared with "couch potatoes" a recent study has found.

The studybrain, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. found that walking is the best way of preserving both mental and physical health in old age.

Writing in the Wall Street Journal, Ann Lukits explained that the study found that a year of modest aerobic exercise reversed normal brain shrinkage by one to two years in older adults and improved their memory function. "As people age, the hippocampus, the brain's memory center, loses 1% to 2% of its volume annually, affecting memory and possibly increasing the risk for dementia."

 NORDIC WALKING and DIABETES - An Effective Exercise Option

Originally used by the Scandinavians, as a summer training regime to duplicate X-country skiing, Nordic Walking started to become mainstream in the late 1990’s, with the development of specific one piece carbon fibre poles. (It must be stressed that Nordic Walking poles are entirely different to tramping poles.  In New Zealand, poles are generally purchased from a certified* Instructor, after a course of Instruction).
CoupleNordic Walking is a fitness activity that enhances the natural walking movement by the addition of specifically designed walking poles.  Nordic Walking has become a worldwide phenomenon as people discover the health and fitness benefits of this unique and effective form of exercise.

While Nordic Walking is first and foremost a fitness activity, many health benefits have been attributed to this exercise.  Walking with Nordic Walking poles involves the use of the arms and upper body, thereby increasing the energy (calorie) expenditure.  You are using 90% of your muscles 100% of the time!


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