09 May 14

Nordic Walking Day Topics - Weight, Weather & Walking

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Invitation to NZ World Nordic Walking Day

World Nordic Walking Day 2014 - resizedYou are warmly invited to join this celebration. Over 24 hours, 30 countries unite for a global Nordic Walk.  Join the 5km or 10km, followed by refreshments, recognitions, and guest speakers.

Ken Ring (keynote speaker), will talk about weather patterns and predictions.  His speech promises to be a cracker!

William Aitken Ltd, our product sponsor, will showcase their NZ company, a pioneer in its field.

"Stand - Nordic Walk - Health" and "The Weight Mistake" will give you up-to-the minute health information which will encourage positive lifestyle changes.

The achievements of our Nordic Walkers will also be recognised.

The programme details are listed below.  It'll be great to see you!



Predicting Weather

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Yes, you can, according to Ken Ring, weather-man extraordinaire! Ken is the keynote speaker and his talk, followed by questions & answers is not to be missed. You will get an understanding of weather patterns, with a view that you can predict the weather.

Product Sponsor



William Aitken Ltd, is a NZ family owned company, that imports quality food stuffs.  Since 1944, the company's founder, William Aitken, showed great initiative, being the first to import olive oil.

Other well known products include raisins and olives.  In recognition of William Aitken's support, we have named our Nordic Walks the "Lupi Extra Virgins" 5km & the "Sun Maidens" 10km!

You will be able to enjoy the 'Aqa' lite sparkling water, which is a refreshing after exercise drink, helping to restore muscle energy reserves.

W.N.W.D. Programme

8.30am  - 'Sun Maidens' 10km (Due to time restrictions, quicker walkers only please)

8.40am - 'Lupi Extra Virgins' 5km

10.10am - Refreshments in Titoki Room, Jubilee Building

10.20am - Recognitions:

  • The Nordic Walking Groups
  • 5km, 10km, 15km, Half Marathon, Marathon Finishers
  • "Walking Stars" Team
  • 6 x 6 Half Marthoners
  • Best Technique Award

10.30am - William Aitken Presentation

10.40am - "The Weight Mistake" - June Stevenson

11.00am - "Predicting Weather - Ken Ring

11.45am  - Invitation to Barcelona

11.50am - Finish



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